(Mobile projection Unit) //  2016 - present.

#ThePandaVan is an experimental mobile projection unit. 


Multimedia artist Sarah Hockman uses this converted 2003 Ford E-150, to create and deploy her artwork. 

Equipped with two 100-watt solar panels and corresponding marine batteries, the van is a fully mobile device to power anything from a 4400 lumen projector to a stereo sound system. #ThePandaVan aims to provide an innovative means for taking digital art into unexpected locations.

#ThePandaVan has been used to illuminate anywhere from urban dwellings to forests and rock formations with vivid digital imagery. Having the ability to assemble projections in nearly any situation, #ThePandaVan becomes an experience that exposes the phenomenon of juxtaposing light projections within unsuspecting landscape.


If you would like to collaborate with #ThePandaVan, please visit the contact page.

Learn more about Hockman's Mobile Projections below.