Sarah Hockman
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Fine Art Installation Works



Exhibited at OSU Urban Arts Space, Columbus, OH, April 19 - May 7, 2016

Excepts from RUSH.  2016 // Single-Channel HD Video Installation // 16:9 // 1920x1080 // Runtime: 12 minutes // Displayed at OSU Urban Arts Space, April 19 - May 7, 2016.

Artist Statement

As a rock climber, my work is inspired by sublime moments I experience. Moments spent on the side of a mountain fill me with amazement, awe, fear, and astonishment. This transcendent state evokes a sensation of limitlessness. The organic flow and manipulation of paint mimics the intensity of adrenaline rushing through my body. I become aware of myself in this state of wonder, reminding me to be more of what we humans really are - finite beings. In realization of the various dimensions of what it means to be human, the sublime acts as a mirror of the infinite, to make something visible that I normally cannot see. To examine states where rest and motion exist together. To explore the boundaries of time.



Exhibited at Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH, December 10 - 17, 2015

122 cm x 122 cm Birch Plywood Sculpture // Single-Channel HD Video Installation // 16:9 // 1920x1080 // Runtime: 5:35 minutes (looping) 

Artist Statement

Spending much of my time in the outdoors, I have become increasingly aware of the conflicted relationship between nature and civilization. We are currently spectators of an unprecedented environmental decay, more dramatic than we have seen throughout our history. As generations continue, natural heritage gradually depreciates in exchange for economic growth in society. I witness a world that is becoming increasingly manufactured and perfunctory, and I question if our culture has become indifferent to the values of natural landscape. I am concerned about environmental change and prevailing landscape perception. Through the combination of topographic model-building and abstract animation, Natural Affliction is an exploration of post-industrial landscape and the natural life that persists despite urban integration and environmental degradation. In this, I question, how can we redirect our attention and value our relationship with nature?